Tax Optimization

Physical movement of people or goods has never been so simple. Nowadays, companies can easily provide services from one corner of the world to their clients operating on the other side of the world. Borders are being diminished, distances are becoming insignificant and a number of business opportunities become more real.

Thus, today’s open world brings opportunities to use tax advantages of individual countries to optimize tax, financial flows and maintaining profits. International tax laws and regulation are rapidly changing and growing globalization makes taxation of cross-border and national transactions more and more difficult. A deep knowledge of this regulation enables us to create and implement effective tax structures which are fully compliant with applicable regulation.

Our services

In the field of tax optimization, we provide our clients also with the following services:

  • Analysis of the tax and contribution situation
  • Comprehensive as well as specific options of tax optimization
  • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation
  • Advice on creation of tax structures
  • Analysis of existing international structures with respect to their compliance with national and international law;
  • Offshore advisory and solutions
  • Establishing and managing companies in offshore jurisdictions including tax havens

If asked about tax havens, most people automatically think of small islands somewhere in the Caribbean with nil corporate taxation. However, tax havens are not interesting only for entrepreneurs seeking nil corporate taxation, they are also very popular for their lower tax regulation and ownership confidentiality.

Tax optimization with added value

Our team consists not only of expert tax advisors but also tax lawyers, what enables us to treat the tax optimization not only from purely financial, but also legal and regulatory perspective. We therefore know to create the most approriate tax structure, which complies with applicable regulation and does not expose the client to legal risks.

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