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There are plenty of daily issues and life events you have to manage in order to have a successful business and enjoyable life. However, our goal, is to manage them on your behalf. We introduce new trends, quality ideas, and best solutions in order to make your business and life easy.

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Tired of being subject of economic double taxation?

Economic double taxation refers to the taxation of two different taxpayers with respect to the same income (or capital). Economic double taxation occurs, for example, when income earned by a...

Transfer pricing

The term transfer pricing simply means pricing of various business transactions between related parties in a manner ensuring hidden transfer of profits. Slovak law regulates transfer pricing to a certain...

Security project

Automated systems used by enterepreneurs for collection and proceesing of the personal data face the risk of cyber attacks. Due to existence of these risks, the Slovak act on protection of...

Personal data protection

In digital era, protection of privacy and personal data has become one of the most complex and dynamic legal regulations. Nowadays, enterpreneurs face an increacing number of personal data protection obligations...

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