Personal data protection

In digital era, protection of privacy and personal data has become one of the most complex and dynamic legal regulations.

Nowadays, enterpreneurs face an increacing number of personal data protection obligations imposed by national legislation (Slovak data protection act) and EU legislation (GDPR). To understand and keep track of the continuously growing amount of regulation set by the national and international laws requires a significant amount of time, knowledge and experience. We have them.

Our services

Our personal data protection services include also the following services:

  • Indepth audits of existing data protection systems (assessment of compliance with applicable regulations)
  • Security projects
  • Preparation of personal data protection notifications, consent for personal data processing, consent for personal data publishing
  • Analysis, preparation and amendments to personal data protection clauses in contracts and internal documents and directives
  • Cross-border transfers and processing of personal data
  • Representing clients before the national Office for Personal Data Protection
  • Services of the responsible officer for personal data

Security project

A security project is a document which describes in detail the security measures adopted by the enterpreneur for the purposes of protecting the personal data processed by the enterpreneur. For more information on the security projects go to security project.

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