Accounting & Payrolls

Each country has its own complex and specific regulation of book-keeping, which sets forth in detail the accounting rules for enterpreneurs. As these systems consist of a number of detailed legal regulations and accounting standards, they create a significant bureaucratic burden for each enterpreneur. Let us help you with this burden.

We provide our clients with comprehensive accounting and payroll services, including services for clients accounting under the IFRS regime.

Our services


  • Preparation of ordinary and extraordinary financial statements, including individual and consolidated
  • Book-keeping
  • Personal costs management
  • Employment agreements with a particular emphasis on remuneration provisions
  • Stock management
  • Inventory
  • Financial reporting (e.g. cost of goods, profit margins, etc.)
  • Submitting of tax returns

Payrolls and personnel management:

  • Payroll agenda
  • Personnel management, including registrations and reporting
  • Communication with public authorities
  • Compliance with laws

Accounting with added value

In addition to accouting and payroll experts, our team includes also experiences tax advisers and lawyers. We treat accouting from broader perspective and provide our clients with effective tax structures, optimize their costs and thus save considerable amount of money.

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